Visualization of aura and chakras using medical imaging technology

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Doctor. Valerie Hunt used both psychics and modern day medicine to investigate the environment in the ‘s. In the University of California possibly at Los Angeles, she affixed EMG electrodes to chakra points. EMGs measure source of electricity in muscles much as an example EKGs measure heart strength activity. She found highfrequency electrical oscillations coming at a chakra points. Dr Track also used a clairvoyant to observe changes the actual world subject’s auric field which means the chakras were electronically followed. The psychic’s observations of colour changes in aura correlated exactly the actual EMG electrode recordings.

Hunt discovered that simultaneously colour of the feel was associated with a substitute wave pattern recorded in the chakra points on pores and skin of her subjects. A layout for visualizing auras consistent with Dr. Hunt’s work in addition to Thelma Moss is generally known as ‘Inneractive Aura Video Systems’ made by Aura Playstation Technology. Aura Video Software is based on their correlation between biofeedback data files and the emotional and states of a member. In order to make the client associated with these parameters, the science of biofeedback is would measure and then show what may very otherwise be unconscious psychophysiological parameters.

The client may in that case become aware of a new parameters and learn to alter them. Biofeedback can be too technical for consumers to understand. The developers pointing to Aura Video Systems to help measure the data and offer it in a fantastic way that is effortless. GSR galvanic skin response, over example, or Temp temps are defined and given using color, pictures as well as , visual images. The atmosphere and electrodermal measurements are typical taken from several places on the left grip of a client. Info is analyzed by his / her computer software program, influenced by their own research and simply standard biofeedback technology.

Their software includes ones own energyaurachakra research. All details is presented to this particular client as an illustrate of their aura in addition chakras, along with physiological graphs. Benistar Reviews from standard biofeedback could be the use of tints and shapes and multi-media tools to display the particular feedback. However, at this unique point of the feel and chakras, the applied science is past conventional effortless. Health practitioners have worked with fortune tellers to correlate their specifics with aurachakra states. On see what the technology looks like and any pictures of auras, have a look at

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