Take Care Of Your Mastiff Well With These Tips.

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Dogs are great companions since they’re good company and always loyal. But, dogs are not simply born this way. If you own a dog, it is essential that you teach your Mastiff proper behaviors and properly care for them. The below article will inform you on how to raise a Mastiff properly. Make your home dog-proof. Take the time to tour your home with an eye for safety before you introduce your Mastiff to your home. Place any meds or household cleaning supplies out of reach, and place any trash cans in a cabinet. Some common house plants that are toxic to pets should be removed from your home. Just like humans, dogs should go to the vet for a checkup yearly. Since your Mastiff can’t speak, it may be difficult to know when he is having health issues. Seethis post about puppy care. Annual checkups can catch these things before they become major problems. Keep a leash on your Mastiff at all times. Something could distract him, like a squirrel or a cat, causing him to leave your side.

You will be to blame if your Mastiff gets hurt for being off his leash. It can be really helpful to incorporate hand signals with verbal commands when first training your dog. Signals like these help your Mastiff learn things quickly. Every pet is different though, so use a combination of both verbal and visual cues and then determine what works the best. You should talk to your vet about the foods you give your dog. Puppies may lack the development needed to tolerate certain kinds of food without getting sick. Be cautious of what you feed your dog. Provide your Mastiff with rawhide to chew on rather than actual meat bones. Real bones chip apart and can become dangerously lodged in the oral cavity or digestive track. Rawhide is completely healthy and improves the teeth, and therefore is preferable to animal bones. Try not to force your Mastiff to do new things. If you offer him a treat he doesn’t seem to like, do not make him eat it. Keep an eye on your dog’s likes and dislikes. Dedicate enough time to correcting bad behavior right away. If you delay too long, the behavior will get harder and harder to correct. Bad behaviors that are left uncontrolled can result in human injuries to you, your child, your friend or your neighbor. This is why it’s important to nip them in the bud immediately!

Ensure that your Mastiff gets enough exercise. This will keep his bones and muscles strong and healthy. You will enjoy the time you spend doing these things with your Mastiff as well. Not only does it give them the exercise they need, but it also improves your relationship with your dog. Don’t buy cheap Mastiff food. Overall, your Mastiff will benefit form a lifetime of quality food. Sure, it’s more expensive. But, isn’t your pet worth it?

Train your Mastiff how to properly walk when on a leash. Your Mastiff should learn to walk by the side of you, teach them to ‘heel’. Walking in this manner keeps your Mastiff safe, and you are bound to enjoy walks more as well. Understanding that command is great, even if you choose to still walk with a loose leash periodically. Make sure your Mastiff comes back to you by ensuring that they have some form of identification. One way to do this is to always have your Mastiff wear a collar, and ensure that the collar has an identification tag attached. Include all personal information necessary on this tag. You can also have your Mastiff micro-chipped. You have likely realized that it isn’t terribly hard to care for your dog. It may be a bit hard in the beginning, but the advice here should lead you in the correct direction. Use what you learned today to help make it easier for you and your furry companion to adjust.

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